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Output Value of CR9 Projects in DR Congo Exceeds $53 Million in the First Half of 2020
Source: Date:2020年07月22日

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As the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the production of projects of China Railway No.9 Group Co., Ltd (CR9) in the country continues. Though infections have been reported in Lubumbashi and Kolwezi, where the projects are located, the company decided to keep production while strictly controlling the spread of the virus. The workers at the projects have overcome multiple obstacles including shortages of resources and labor, and have kept normal and safe production with employees and other resources at hand. In the first half of this year, the output value of CR9 projects in DRC reached a record high of $53.17 million.(By Sun Di and Song Peng)

Concrete pouring during flotation process, KAMOA Project.

Concrete pouring during flotation process, KAMOA Project.

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