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CREC President Zhang Zongyan Meets with Turkish President Erdogan
Source:International Business Division Date:2018年09月21日

In the afternoon of September 18, CREC President Zhang Zongyan, Vice President Ren Hongpeng and their delegation, met with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul. Both sides had an in-depth communication on strengthening the cooperation between China and Turkey in trade, economy and relevant areas. Yu Hongyang, Chinese Ambassador to Turkey, also attended the meeting.

President Erdogan warmly welcomed Ambassador Yu, President Zhang and the others, and expressed his wish in tightening ties between the two nations. In order to develop economy, safeguard people’s livelihood and bring benefits to the people, Turkey has launched several large construction projects in areas of urban regeneration and transportation infrastructure, he said, adding that large Chinese enterprises, like CREC, are more than welcomed to take part in the market.

President Zhang(R) communicating with President Erdogan(L)

President Zhang congratulated President Erdogan on his successful presidential election and thanked him for arranging this meeting. He said, CREC will actively explore the Turkish market and contribute to realizing the Turkish development blueprint. He suggested that a joint working team should be set up as soon as possible, so that both sides could have further communications on specific projects and related issues.

Ambassador Yu said the Chinese Embassy will spare no effort to support Chinese enterprises who take part in the activities of the Turkish market. Turkey, serving as a bridge between Asia and Europe, East and West, is a founding member of OECD and a member of G20. As an important emerging economy, it has a vital strategic position and political influence worldwide. Being under the Belt and Road initiative, Turkey and China has established a sound strategic partnership. On the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2017, under the witness of President Erdogan and President Xi Jinping, the two nations have signed a series of cooperation agreements, which created an even brighter future for the cooperation between Chinese and Turkish enterprises.

During his trip in Turkey, President Zhang and his delegation also met with Deputy Chairman of AK Party in Ankara, and exchanged ideas on the principles and basic lines of cooperation. Back in the Chinese Embassy to Turkey, President Zhang and Ambassador Yu took further communications on the latest situation of Turkey.

President Zhang and his delegation meeting with Ambassador Yu

Relevant personnel from International Business Division of CREC and two subsidiaries of CREC also attended the above mentioned activities.

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