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Dujiangyan M-TR Tourist Dedicated Line Opens for Operation
Source: Date:2024年05月26日


On May 15 at 9:30, as a tram adorned with a charming "panda" design gracefully departed from Qingchengshan Station in Dujiangyan City, the Dujiangyan M-TR Tourist Passenger Dedicated Line, participated by China Railway Electrification Engineering Group under CREC, officially commenced operations, marking the addition of another tram route to Chengdu's transport network.


The primary route of the M-TR Tourist Passenger Dedicated Line seamlessly connects Qingchengshan Station to Bajiaomiao Station, spanning approximately 13.813 kilometers. Meanwhile, a branch line extends from Wenlucheng South Station to Zijingcheng Station, covering a distance of roughly 3.446 kilometers. The entire line boasts a total of 21 stations, including one transfer station.

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