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Hanoi Metro Line 2A, Vietnam
Source: Date:2019年07月24日

Hanoi Metro Line 2A (Cat Linh- Ha Dong Urban Railway) is the first urban light rail project in Vietnam carried out by China Railway Group Limited (CREC). The total length is about 13km, with the maximum design speed of 80km/h. The whole line consists of 12 stations, with an average distance of 1151m between stations.

May 6, 2019 witnessed the trial operation of the Line. The green rolling stock “flying” on the viaduct attracted the attention of Hanoi residents. Many citizens stopped to watch and take pictures using their cell phones. Viaduct, smiling faces, with the flying train under the blue sky and white cloud forms a beautiful and harmonious picture.

Right now, the new light rail is providing a fast, smooth and enjoyable trip for the local people, which raise the quality of green transport in Hanoi. Moreover, as the first light rail in the city, it not only benefits the traffic, but also boosts the tourist industry of Vietnam. 

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