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EPB Machine
Source:CREG,CREC International Business Division Date:2019年06月12日

CREC-TBM adopts international mode of “Independent Research and Development, Global Sourcing”. The critical parts such as main bearing, main drive reducer and motor, air regulation system, guidance system, control system, hydraulic components etc. are all from the international well-known suppliers, which give a powerful guarantee to the machine performance and reliability.

EPB Machine


The key technology of TBM is to achieve perfect adaptability of machine performance to the geological condition. We have ever been a TBM contractor; and we have already used varied TBMs supplied by the company from Germany, France, Canada, America and Japan in various ground condition whatever soft, hard and mixed ground. So we have accumulated abundant TBM tunneling experience and data in such geological condition. The TBM design work can be consequently practiced with transparent pertinence. Therefore, the TBMs we provided have great advantages of geological adaptability.

TBM during Assembling


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