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Bheri–Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project (BBDMP), Nepal
Source:CR2 Date:2019年04月16日

China Railway No. 2 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. undertakes construction works for BBDMP in contract sum of 107 million USD. Construction duration is 1,757 days (4 years and 8 months). Scope of work mainly includes 12km headrace tunnel, segment plant, sand and aggregate plant as well as generator unit. It is classified by the Government of Nepal as a Project of National Pride. After completion of construction, it will divert 40 m3/s water from Bheri River to Babai River to irrigate 60,000 hectares agricultural land and also thereby generate 48 MW electricity. As a result, it will yield annual revenue of 4.5 billion Nepal Rupees, among which 2 billion Nepal Rupees will come from power generation, and 2.5 billion Nepal Rupees will come from agriculture products. Such revenue will make a great contribution to GDP growth of Nepal. 

Contractor’s Camp, Employer’s Camp, Materials Stock Yard, TBM Entry Portal

Segment Plant

Segment Plant

TBM Assembly

 Constructing Inside the Tunnel

Female Chinese staffs of Project Management Unit dances with local ladies on ceremony of Nepal Women’s Day

Chinese staffs of Project Management Unit teach Nepal staffs on TBM technology

Safety awareness improvement activity for Nepal workers

Project Management Unit and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation donates 780 bags for two schools adjacent to the project





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