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FHL Tower Project, Fiji
Source:China Railway First Group Date:2019年03月18日

Source: www.Brandicam.com

The FHL Tower Project is located in Suva, the capital city of Fiji. The CRFG (Fiji) is as the EPC contractor, the employer is FHL Group which is the government holding company. The building has 18 levels, the construction area is 18100m2 and the height is 62.04m. The contract amount 218 million RMB. The project commenced on Oct 1st, 2018 and expected to be completed on Mar, 2021.  

Fiji FHL Tower Project

The FHL Tower will be the new landmark of the Suva, Fiji. The project not only provides more trade and employment opportunities also promotes the economic development and people’s living. It has the great significance to the Fiji delivering the signal to the entire world that the economy of Fiji will enter into the express lane soon.    

FHL Tower


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