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Thomson-East Coast Line T302 Section, Singapore
Source:China Railway First Group Date:2019年03月20日

Source: www.cctv.com

The Singapore Thomson-East Coast Line T302 Section is the first project constructed by the CRFG as the EPC contractor in the overseas developed country. The construction scope includes one equipment room and two shield intervals. The length of tunnel is 2972.10m which the shield driving applied. The contract amount is 242 million Singapore dollars, about 1.186 billion RMB. The construction period is about 6.8 years.

The TBM of Singapore Metro T302 controlled by the monitoring and intelligent management center of CRFG in Wuxi successfully completed its debut on May 8th, 2018. It showed the rail transit brand image of the CRFG in overseas advanced market.                                                        

On Sep 25th of the same year, the first tunnel shield section was through which was the great achievement of the CRFG’s tunnel construction in the overseas market. 


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