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Boten-Vientiane Railway, Laos
Source:CREC Guangzhou Engineering Group Date:2019年03月28日

Boten-Vientiane Railway, constructed by subsidiaries of CREC, is 418-kilometer-long.

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As a key project of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, the Railway was recognized and praised by government officials and people in Laos.

Video Source: http://world.grtn.cn/

Value and Significance to Laos Brought by China-Laos Railway Project
The China-Laos Railway is a major project initiated and promoted by the two countries. It is a landmark project featuring regional inter-connectivity under the “Belt and Road” Initiative. The Railway is vital for transforming Laos from a land-locked country into a land-linked country, comprehensively building the China-Laos economic corridor, enhancing the traditional friendship between two countries, and serving the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

At present, due to the lack of infrastructure such as transportation in Laos, superior resources cannot be effectively converted to economic benefits. When the China-Laos Railway puts into operation, the travel time among provinces and cities of Laos will be greatly shortened, personnel exchanges will be faster, travels will be more convenient and comfortable. Thus, people's lifestyles will become more diversified.

After the completion of the China-Laos Railway, a logistics corridor with large-capacity and low-cost will be formed, which will effectively reduce the import and export costs of equipment and materials necessary for the development of various agricultural, industrial and mining products, lower down the transportation and circulation cost of finished product, simulate production, and expand exports. It will further facilitate the comprehensive development of mineral resources, forestry, hydro-power and other resources in Laos, as well as the development of foreign trade. At the same time, it will also stimulate the development of tourism, increase the fiscal revenue of Laos and the income of related employees and promote the development of national economy in Laos.

As an important part of the middle passage of Trans-Asia Railway, the China-Laos Railway is the backbone of Laos' modernized comprehensive transportation network and the main artery for its modern economic development. After the completion of the China-Laos Railway, it will fundamentally reverse the backwardness of Laos’ domestic transportation infrastructure and provide an efficient and low-cost international channel for foreign-invested enterprises. It will also help to improve the investment environment in Laos, attract more foreign investment, and further raise the regional and international influence of Laos.

Appraisal and Evaluation on China-Laos Railway Project by Laos Government Leaders and Officials
1.  On 4 November, 2017, Thongloun Sisoulith, Prime Minister of Laos, inspected a construction site undertaken by China Railway International Group Co.,Ltd, in Oudomxay Province. After the visit, Thongloun expressed that China-Laos Railway is a major strategic project between Laos and China, which ties the two countries for mutual benefit and common development. The completion of the Railway will be a strong driving force for the economic development of Laos. It will also bring more benefits to the peoples of two countries. It is anticipated that the Railway will be an environmental friendly, high quality, efficient and epoch-making project.
2.  On 29 April, 2018, Sonexay Siphandone, Deputy Prime Minister of Laos, inspected a construction site in Vang Vieng section. He was delighted when seeing many Laotian workers engaged in the technical works on site. He expressed that the project not only creates many job opportunities, but also cultivated skilled workers for Laos. It helps to enhance the friendship between the people from two countries.
3.  On 3 January, 2019, Khamsouk Bounnhavong, Deputy Head of the Lao Government Inspection Authority, paid a visit to the project section undertaken by China Railway Guangzhou Engineering Co.,Ltd. He pointed out that the on-site propaganda of "Integrity Road" is the soul for the construction of China-Laos Railway, which should be carried on. The high-quality project construction of China-Laos Railway enjoys high technical standard, sound management, and effective implementation. It is a systematic project. The target of building China-Laos Railway into a high-quality project can certainly be realized. The Laotian government will continue to follow up and assist contractors to solve problems so as to make due contribution to the construction of the railway.


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