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Development Center for Disabled Children, Mongolia (The China-aided Project)
Source:China TIESIJU Civil Engineering Group Date:2019年04月15日

The China-aided Project of Development Center for Children with Disabilities in Mongolia is located in the west of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The total land area of the project is 20,000 square meters. The whole landscape is relatively flat, 200 meters long from east-west, and 100 meters from north-south. The main building of the project is with 250-sickbeds. The total construction area covers 14,990 square meters, receiving 250 outpatients a day.


The Center has three above-ground floors and one underground floor, with the building height of 14.22 meters. The building functions include the rehabilitation clinic department, rehabilitation department, and logistics service. The contract period is 27.5 months and the project cost is about 130 million yuan.


The project is the largest China-aid project in recent years to Mongolia, in terms of the improvement on Mongolian people's livelihood. After completion, it becomes Mongolia's largest, most modern and most functional treatment and rehabilitation center for disabled children. It is of great importance to improving the health of children with disabilities.

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