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The Ulaanbaatar New International Airport Highway Project, Mongolia
Source:China TIESIJU Civil Engineering Group Date:2019年04月16日

The Ulaanbaatar New International Airport Highway is about 32.227 km long. The starting point is at the junction of the new international airport, and the end point is at Yarmag toll station, which connects with the completed Zuun Mod road. The route passes through Sergelen county, Prague county of the central province, and Khan-Uul District of Ulaanbaatar city. The designed width of the road is 32.5m, with two-way six lanes, and the designed driving speed is 80 Km/h. Main work quantity: subgrade excavation 2,229,000m3 , filling 2,504,000 m3; the pavement sub-base 1,036,000 m2, base 1,001 ,000 m2, the asphalt pavement 966,000 m2; 4 medium bridges with a total length of 238.32 meters, 2 small bridges 58.16 meters, 1 toll station, 21 slab culverts and 28 pipe culverts. The project adopts the EPC contract mode, and the main construction content including the subgrade work, pavement engineering, bridge and culvert engineering, traffic safety engineering and greening, etc.

The road will be built completely with “Chinese standards”. After completion, the project will be of great importance to improving the Mongolian national highway network, beautifying the image of Ulaanbaatar city, promoting deep cooperation in infrastructure construction between China and Mongolia, and pushing the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries to a new level.

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