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Warm and Comfortable Living Environment for the Staff at Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project
Source:China Railway Major Bridge Enginering Group Date:2019年03月15日

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project Department actively builds the staff's living facilities, equipped with basketball courts, badminton gyms, table tennis gyms, laundry rooms, guesthouses for staff family members, single-person dormitory, staff canteen, vegetable garden, etc., to create a warm and comfortable living environment for the staff.


The Padma Project regularly carries out various cultural and sports activities, including fun sports games, badminton match, New Year Welcoming Running, basketball games, etc., to enrich staff's spare time. 

The Labor Union of Padma Project has set up a “Spiritual Station” room to help staff manage pressure and emotions and release pressures of work and life.

In February 2018, the "2018 Happy Spring Festival Performance” was hosted by the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project at the site. The Padma Bridge site was full of gongs sounds and colored flags, and the Jiangduchun Drum Art Troupe from Shanxi, China, brought an abundant audio-visual feast to the Padma Bridge builders who stayed at the site during the Spring Festival. The wonderful performance won the audience’s cheer and applause throughout the show. The present Chinese and Bangladeshi builders held the national flags of China and Bangladesh, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to one climax and another. This event was supported by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project Employer (BBA), supervision organization (CSC) and many local Chinese and Bangladeshi friendly people were invited to participate in the event. The successful hosting of the event not only brought together the Chinese builders of the Padma Bridge who stood firmly during the Spring Festival, but also brought them with a wonderful performance. It also showed China's exquisite traditional cultures and laid the foundation for the friendly cooperation between China and Bangladesh. 





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