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Let’s Stay Together
Source:China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Date:2019年03月20日

In 2014, Padma Bridge, a modernized rail-cum-road bridge, was under construction at the nearest bank from Dhaka, which is known as the "Dream Bridge" of Bangladesh people. Yang Pinxiang is one of the employees who work for the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project of China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Yang Pinxiang at work

He went abroad to take part in the construction of Third Karnaphuli Bridge Project at the age of 24 in 2007. Now he is assigned to the Padma Bridge project. With years of overseas work background, he has grown up to be an experienced engineer, has trained a lot of local workers and makes many local friends. Today, his wife, his students and friends are telling his story in their eyes. 

Bangladesh housekeeper thinks of Yang Pinxiang as his best Chinese friend

The old colleague of Yang Pinxiang is talking about his boss



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