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From Foreigners to Friends
Source:CR2 Date:2019年04月22日

In August 2015, construction of AAD line was carried out at ECHU, a big village of 1,000 people. Most of the villagers believed in Christianity and hold regular group worship services in a dilapidated temporary place. Because the village was relatively closed, villagers have never seen such a large-scale and modern project. As a consequence, local villagers had great resistance to railway construction and frequently hindered construction work. At that time, the construction schedule was extremely tight in this section. The project office tried to communicate and resolve the issue, but it was unsuccessful. Wang Jiang, director of locomotive depot, felt anxious then. One day, he entered into the village with two interpreters and tried to coordinate with village head. On the same day, villagers were holding a worship. When hundreds of dressed up villagers were doing rituals, Wang Jiang and interpreters stood quietly and waited until the worship service finished. Thereafter, the village head found out Wang’s politeness in waiting, shook hands with him, and introduced Wang to the church's leader. The leader was a very knowledgeable person. He gave explanation why the villagers could not accept railway construction. The major reason was that the village had not been open for many years--activities of so many foreigners made them feel offended. During the conversation, Wang learned that they were building a new church. He thought it was a good opportunity. Then he returned to manager office, applying for some steel and wood on the site as a kind of friendship assistance to the village. Plus, project office gave some sand & stone materials as gift. This behavior greatly touched the villagers. Thereafter, local villagers treated Chinese as friends rather than foreigners and had never hindered construction work again. 



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