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Indonesian Dream Catchers’ Love Story in CREC
Source:CREC International Business Division Date:2019年05月05日

In China, thousands of young people comes to Beijing alone for their dreams everyday. 

In Indonesia, Amin and Ima are the so-called dream catchers. They came to Jakarta, the capital, from Java, a remote province, in pursuit of better lives. Moreover, they works for the Indonesian Company of China Railway International Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Company), a subsidiary of CREC. Unexpectedly, they met the fate of their lives here.


Amin, a 29-year-old Indonesian man, is a driver employed by the Company.

Amin’s hometown is Java, Indonesia. His parents don't have formal jobs and his family background is not good. He is humble, dependable, sincere and dedicated. He has been cautious and conscientious, hard work since joining the Company five years ago. No matter how late he worked overtime, he always came to work on time the next day. 

Ima, a 26-year-old Indonesian woman, is a receptionist employed the Company.

Amin and Ima had never known each other before, but they had an intersection because they were both in the Company. Getting along with each other day and night for a long time sowed the seed of love between them.

For life or for death, however separated, they pledged their word after the earthquake with M 7.4 on September, 2018. 

Everyone hurried out when the earthquake came. However, Amin rushed into the office. After a while, he ran out with Ima.

Misfortune tests the sincerity of love. After that, Ima decided to be the wife of Amin. 

Amin and Ima got married on Java Island in December, 2018. According to the Chinese tradition, all the Chinese employees of the Company give them a red envelope together containing a large sum of money. It is a gift for their pleasant wedding and contributions to the Company. 

At the wedding ceremony, Amin and Ima said, "The Company is our second home. We will work together for the company and protect her."

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