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Dream of Bangladesh and China——Youth in Padma Bridge
Source:China Railway Major Bridge Enginering Group Date:2019年03月15日

In August 2018, Hunan Satellite TV's "My Youth in Silk Road" camera crew came to Bangladesh and recorded the stories of the leader of Engineering Department of MBEC-4, Pan Jie and his team to overcome difficulties and shape their team cohesiveness.

The Padma Bridge is the largest single bridge project undertaken by Chinese companies in foreign countries. A group of young engineers have taken the responsibility of building the bridge. Pan Jie is one of the construction engineers of Padma Bridge. At the age of 28, he has been working in Bangladesh for 5 years. He leads a team of 14 Chinese members with an average age of 25 years.

Compared with the environment, limited duration of the project is the biggest challenge to Pan Jie. The local monsoon season is long, the river water moves fast, the geological structure is unstable, and the equipment occasionally fail. In order to ensure the construction duration and quality, Pan Jie is busy between 14nos. construction platforms every day. If he is too busy to appear at the construction site, he will make phone with at least 120 times a day. In addition to going to the construction site to supervise the work, Pan Jie will also teach the local workers, after all, technical work needs the instructions of master. Pan Jie, who is young but has a wide experience, has become a master of local workers. He often went to the construction site and teach the local workers.

The members of the Pan Jie’s team perform their duties, but they may also made mistakes due to their young age and lack of experience, such as the inadvertent pressure limit of the jack, the failure of the pile hammer, the data deviation, etc. All these may lead to the anger of Pan Jie. In fact, Pan Jie also understands that the works of every construction engineer is not easy, not only need to understand the technology, but also to "work high above the ground and below the river", not only to climb the platform which is dozens of meters high, but also with no fear of fast rivers flow and strong winds and waves. But the construction of the project should be paid with special care, Pan Jie is very clear about the pressure of his "high standards, strict requirements" for his team members.

The days of construction are both hard and lonely. Pan Jie also understands that his team members may not satisfied with himself. He also knows that his temper is not good, and sometimes he is very guilty. Pan Jie understands that it is necessary to rely on the efforts of the team to make the work go smoothly. Pan Jie, who intended to ease the team relationship by having a meal together, never thought that his colleagues secretly prepared a cake for him to celebrate his birthday.

"Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you..."Pan Jie’s team members sang a happy birthday song together. This is the first celebrated birthday of Pan Jie during his 5 years in Bangladesh. It is shown that Pan Jie’s team members have always understood him and supported him! Pan Jie also slowly changed his previous temper of easily getting angry, and better integrated into the construction team.

No matter how much pressure, quarrels, or exhaustion, the young builders of Padma Bridge never thought of being deserters, and youth, shines during their day-to-day busyness!

The Padma Bridge has cohered the sweat and struggle of the bridge builders. From sunrise to sunset, from late night to dawn, the bridge builders are always connected to the bridge, and write their own unique poems at the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh until the bridge is completed.

“Struggling day and night, only for the bridge”, this may be the youth of Pan Jie and chasing the dream is the actual description of everyone in Padma Bridge Project. 

“Youth never be betrayed, we are always on the way!” 


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