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Liu Jianhua, Commander of Padma Bridge of MBEC
Source:China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Date:2019年03月21日

Padma Bridge Project, the “Dream Bridge” of Bangladesh people, locates at about 40km southwest of Dhaka, the capital city of in Bangladesh is under intensive and orderly construction. The 9.3-kilometer Padma Bridge is also an important channel which connects China and the “Trans-Asian Railway”, and is an significant traffic fulcrum project for China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Liu Jianhua at work

Upon the opening of this bridge, the 21 southwest districts in Bangladesh will be connected with the capital city Dhaka and the hundred-year history that local residents ferry over the river will come to the end.


Padma Multipurpose Bridge is the “Dream Bridge” of Bangladesh people

CCTV's "Deep Finance" Program interviewed Mr. Liu Jianhua, who is the commander of MBEC Padma Bridge Office, and gave an in-depth report on about the construction significance and progress of the Padma Bridge.

In 2001, he went abroad for the 1st time and participated in the construction of Parksey Bridge in Bangladesh. At the time he was just a layman to the management of international projects, however, by virtue of unyielding will, indomitable spirit & assiduous study of international bridge projects, after three internal projects and 10-year stay in Bangladesh, the Chinese team led by him successfully won the bidding of Bangladesh dream bridge, Padma Bridge, and he became the leader of this project.


The joy of winning this project was short-lived. He had to undertake the tough task of organizing and implementing this world-renown mega project. The mission of national team & the great trust of benefiting Bangladesh people were not only the responsibilities on his shoulder, but also the power encouraging him to advance bravely and go ahead boldly.

Staying at the construction site, he led the technical team to actively solve technical difficulties and develop technical innovations, and the team has successfully resolved total 13 nos. world-class technical difficulties, which filled the gap in relevant field of international bridge project industry. He organized technical staff constantly exploring the original technology, optimizing construction methods, and the team was awarded with 23 nos. national construction patents. He also highly valued the wisdom of the masses, and the project office has been totally awarded near 50 nos. “Golden Idea” in relation to management and technology innovation, which has brought about favorable economy benefit.

Under his leadership and with the unremitting efforts and indomitable struggle of all Chinese and Bangladesh staff, construction of the project is now in full swing. In the last 3 years, he insisted on a series of management systems, including morning meeting, daily construction records, real-time reporting in Wechat group, etc., which ensured that the construction period, cost, safety and quality related works being carried forward orderly.

Although in the foreign country, he always remembers the glorious identity of communist, never forgets his initial heart, and constantly improves his political quality, actively enhances the “Four Consciousnesses”, and maintains a high degree unity with the Party Central Committee led by Comrade Xi Jinping in ideological, political and actions. He attaches great importance to the political advantages of party building in overseas projects, plays a leading role in politics and thought in Padma Project, actively carries out political studies, labor competitions, and pioneering activities, and vigorously promotes all aspects of project production. He organized the Theme Communist Party Day activities, caring about the lives of Chinese and Bangladeshi staff, caring for the development of staff, ensuring logistical support, and creating a civilized, healthy and harmonious atmosphere.

He earnestly fulfilled the social responsibility of “Go Global” of Chinese enterprises, actively hired local employees, improved their work skills, made full use of local resources, promoted the development of the local economy, and practiced the principle of achieving sheared growth through discussion and collaboration proposed by “The Belt and Road”. He actively carried out external propaganda, cooperated with domestic and foreign news medias, created a good external public opinion environment, and actively assisted CCTV to film "The Far Home, The Belt and Road", "The Pillars of Major Country", "Major Country Diplomacy", "We Walked Together – Salute to the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up " which have polished the business cards of Chinese companies in foreign countries.   

“Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, With firm strides we are crossing its summit” He firmly believes that as long as we strengthen our ideals and beliefs and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of communist, under the guidance of the “The Belt Road”, MBEC will be able to successfully complete the construction of Padma Bridge which is carrying the dream of the people of Bangladesh. This great project will also become the shining pearl of “The Belt and Road” on South Asia, and it will surely become a monument that records the friendship between China and Bangladesh and records the strength of China's bridge construction.




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