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Zhu Wenyu and his HSE team
Source:China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Date:2019年03月21日

In the Padma Bridge Project Department of Bangladesh, there is a group of security guards who work for the occupational health and safety of the project and employees. They are Zhu Wenyu, deputy director of the HSE Management Department and his team.

Zhu Wenyu and his team


HSE management system refers to occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system. Every day Zhu Wenyu and his team work with people who come from 22 different countries and regions, with different political concepts, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds. They make friends with the unpredictable weather environment and always hold a protective umbrella to assure that the "Dream Bridge" on the Padma River can be safely built.

Zhu Wenzhao and his team hire local professional security officers to explain safety knowledge to the Bangladesh workers




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