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Almost Everyone Ate 1.5kg Noodles for One Meal
Source:CR2 Date:2019年04月22日

Space constraint of worksite made it impossible to erect a large crane for hoisting and erection of main transformers. Yang Daxiang, deputy manager in substation discipline, led his team to adopt the most traditional method- installing sleepers and rails, then using hydraulic jack to push transformer into position. Relying on manpower, they eventually installed 18 main transformers in unit weight of 50 tons. Due to tight schedule, Yang Daxiang and his team lived and worked on the construction site for more than one month. Being exposed under strong sunlight, the color of their skin turned into black. Due to high intensity of work and the tight nerves, they were physically excessive exertion. One day in the evening after work, these black youths cannot wait till the dinner time and rushed into kitchen. These 10 guys ate 15kg of noodles in total. Holding large bowls in their hands, eating noodles in rush, everyone in the room felt the bitterness and cannot help but cried.
Pic 1: Yang Daxiang operating jack to install main transformer

Pic 2: Installing main transformer





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