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A Steel Rose on the “Belt and Road”
Source:CRSBG Date:2019年05月09日

She is a female who has worked the longest time at the Padma Bridge site in Bangladesh; she is an engineer who is responsible for the most technical work of the overseas bridge projects at China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd. (CRSBG), a subsidiary of CREC; she graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University with a bachelor's degree in bridge engineering and obtained a master's degree in construction engineering management from Yanshan University; and she is an iron lady with a high degree of professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility. She, Chief Engineer of the Project Department of the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh, is Wei Mingxia.
Before she was mobilized to the Padma Bridge Project Department in July 2014, Wei has been served as Director of the No.3 Structure Research Department of Steel Structure Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, where she was mainly responsible for technical bidding for overseas projects and technical preparation for overseas project production. There are many detailed designs that need further improvement for ; the standards implemented are complicated and scattered; the supervision work usually is focused on details with more dogmatic style, and the work procedures must be strictly adhered to, and its management is required to be refined.
When dealt with the design problem of the Tanzania Bridge, she went to the Tanzanian construction site and discussed with professors of University of Dar es Salaam and the German supervisor for a long time till she successfully solved the problem. She has completed one problem after another with her proficient English, excellent technical knowledge and agile thinking. Besides the Tanzania Bridge in Africa, she has also participated in the projects of German Danube Railway Bridge and the Serbian Bridge. Through years of hard work, she has cultivated a batch of newbie with scientific and rigorous work style, meticulous work attitude, and diligent spirit.
Since joining the Padma Bridge Project Department, Wei has actively undertaken almost all the infrastructure work in the early stage. According to the Padma Bridge project contract, the steel truss beam manufacturing adopts the production mode of “one bridge by three sites”, that is, the rods are fabricated in the CRSBG Industrial Park; and the entire span assembly of the 150m large section and the painting of the topcoat are completed in the assembly site near the bridge site; the welding connection and repainting of the multi-ply joint between the spans, the installation of the railway longitudinal beam, and the application and painting of the high-strength bolt are operated on the bridge.
The construction of the assembly site near the bridge is undoubtedly also a huge project. Since November 2014, Wei had been responsible for the layout design of the assembly site of the Padma Bridge; the comparison, selection and control of the engineering volume of the two major plant structures of the assembly and the painting; steel structure fabricating technical services for two major plants; tooling design and layout of six production areas in the assembly site; the track type selection and the track layout design of large lifting and transportation equipment to complete the design and manufacturing work according to the layout of the designed site and the assembling process of the bar.
In March 2015, Wei officially participated in the work of Bangladesh site. After her on-site visit, she drafted plans for materials and equipment. She organized successfully pre-construction technical preparation work and broke the routine to save a lot of shipping and transportation costs.
While completing the preparatory work for infrastructure technology, Wei was also responsible for completing the preparation and submission of the construction organization and the shaping design of the domestic and oversea project department offices. At the same time, she also assisted to complete the review of the steel truss process drawings of the main bridge. With rich work experience and a spirit of high responsibility to the company, she has improved the site design plans, solved the factory re-inspection problem of raw materials, and significantly reduced the cost; besides, she has effectively solved the problem of insufficient operation space of the transverse bulkhead penetration welding in the upper and lower chord node boxes.
Wei is a female employee who has worked the longest time on the site of the Padma Bridge Project. She has never complained about various difficulties such as scorcher, dampness, mosquito ravages and high incidence of dengue fever. She has not taken a bath for nearly 2 months due to the previous poor condition on the construction site. She overcame all the difficulties with an optimistic attitude established a good communication foundation with her work and ability, winning recognition and respect of the owners and supervisors.
Being a member of the Communist Party, she has created benefits and enhanced the brand for the company with her loyalty and wisdom; she leads the team with the spirit of unity and cooperation and efficient work, and wins the respect and love of colleagues. She contributed to the construction of the “Belt and Road” of the motherland and the development of the overseas market of CRSBG, and, she is a blooming steel rose on the banks of the Padma River.

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