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Walking Barefoot in the Hot Sun, Such Surveyors Touch the Hearts of Bangladeshis
Source:CREC Internaional Buusiness Division Date:2019年06月10日

The construction of Padma Bridge in Bangladesh, a symbol of dream and friendship, has been warmly welcomed by local people, who are looking forward to the opening of the railway and the improvement of travel conditions. Of course, it is a huge project. The working conditions were tough, but employees of  CREC can find happiness amid hardship.

QU Guangzong is a surveyor of China TIESIJU Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd., a subsiiary of CREC. The Padma Bridge Railway Connecting Line, a key project along the Belt and Road, is siginificant for promoting the economic development of Bangladesh.

QU took his equipment and instant noodles at 8 am as usual, and started to measure with his colleagues with the heat wave already in the air.

Today, QU, LIU Yanhua and XIE Chang forms a group. Daily measurements are challenges and tests for them.

In Bangladesh, such unexpected situations have become commonplace.

Because of the poor road condition, the car usually can not reach the measuring point, so they have to carry the instrument manually.

When they are measuring, hospitable bangladeshis will enthusiastically take out their benches and invite them to have a rest.

June 7 is the Dragon Boat Festival, and on festive occasions more than ever one thinks of one’s dear ones far away. These employees, fighting overseas, sacrificing the chance to accompany family members and promoting the “Belt and Road” Construction, deserves our respect and blessing.



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