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Joseph, Chinese Culture “Promoter”
Source:CR2 Date:2019年04月22日

Chinese culture “promoter”
The driver of project office, Joseph, has a change in his impression of China, recognition of Chinese culture, and friendship with the Chinese. There are also many Chinese elements in Joseph’s home, which are gifts from his Chinese colleagues. On the wall of his house, there are many photos taken with his Chinese friends. He also often talks with his friends about China, explains Chinese culture to them, and eliminates some stereotypes on China.
Figure: Joseph’s photo in opening ceremony of Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit 

2.For 4-years’ relation, Tessy chose to stay
Local driver, Tessy, was a taxi driver before he worked for CREC. At that time, he worked more than 10 hours per day while he just got a 3-year-old child after marriage. However, he earned less than 2000 Ethiopian Birr per month. Although he knew little about China and Chinese railway, he resolutely gave up taxi driver job and became one of first local employees in the project. In the past 4 years, a lot of local employees resigned, but Tessy did not do so. The 4000 Birr salary, a big amount for him in the past, was not so big anymore, but Tessy still decided to stay and served as "local translator", "purchaser" and "coordinator" of project office. With the support of project office, Tessy also mortgaged his own house under the national policy of “affordable house” of Ethiopian. His life has stepped into a well-off society.

From knowing nothing about China, Tessy now cannot be separated from China. His recognition of Chinese culture and his friendship with Chinese have affected everyone in his circle. When he had difficulty in purchasing house, his Chinese friend lent him money. In Ethiopian new year, his Chinese friends visited his home. Accordingly, Tessy did a great job as a tour guide for Chinese in his rest time. He guides Chinese to purchase material, to resolve disputes and guide Chinese to travel. Besides, he usually promotes China, explain the culture difference between China and Ethiopia to his friends and eliminate misunderstanding to China of local residents. 


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