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Providing Jobs for Local Residents and Protecting Rights of Employees
Source:China Railway Major Bridge Enginering Group Date:2019年03月15日

Padma Bridge Project has employed more than 5000 local staff, which solved the difficulty in finding jobs of most unemployed people nearby. In the fortnight production meeting, the administration office (clinic) and HSE department always carried out education and trailing in terms of occupational health, safety and environmental protection, organized propaganda and study of the new “Production Safety Law”& related judicial explanations, and communicated the management documents received from head office in China, CREC, etc. Besides, typical safety accident cases were also selected for study & analysis for warning purpose, and a number of fire rehearsal for local staff, safe driving training etc. for drivers were also organized.


Prior to entering into a new working procedure, education and training would always be carried out for the foremen (including Bangladesh foremen). Before start of each working shift, the foremen or Bangladesh safety officer would speak to all staff in that shift, describing the work activities to be implemented & highlighting safety precautions.

The Padma Project Office payed high attention to the protection of rights of local employees, and provided local employees with PPE comprising work suits, safety shoes, helmet, lift jackets, etc., accommodation and drinking water, 8% annual increase in salary, the rights for holiday/vacation, overtime allowance, “Cool Offer in Summer”, etc.





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