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The Voices of Teaching Chinese at Construction Site
Source:China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Date:2019年03月21日

When the first unit of steel truss girder of Padma Bridge was being assembled busily, the voice of teaching Chinese comes from the assembly site of steel girder.

Bangladesh workers are learning carefully

He is Li Qiuyu, a foreman of a group of Bangladesh workers in charge of the lifting operation.

Li Qiuyu is teaching Chinese to Bangladesh workers

Why does he teach the Bangladesh workers to learn Chinese? "I teach them Chinese in order to work more conveniently. Some of our Chinese foreman can't speak English. Sometimes when they don't understand us, we may have a rough tongue. So if they could be with us, both of us can work more easily. " "One day One Chinese word, OK?" "OK!" His answer is simple but touching. He was doing this only to show the respect to his fellows.

Then Li Qiuyu continued to teach Chinese to them.

At the construction site of Padma Bridge, we could see a lot of scenes which Chinese technicians are teaching Bangladesh workers hand by hand.

In addition to increase the employment rate, the construction of Padma Bridge makes the local workers work decently, learn a professional skill, get better resume and fulfill bigger dreams. 


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