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Providing Accesses to Employment
Source:CREC Guangzhou Engineering Group Date:2019年03月28日

Due to the geographical location, Laos is a developing "land locked state" in Southeast Asia. Most local people along SectionII of Boten-Vientiane Railway are on the line of poverty. During the construction, the Project Department did its best to provide tjobs for them and helped them outof poverty. 

During the construction, communication was not smooth due to the language barrier between people of the two countries. Therefore, the Project Department looked for local people who know Chinese and Laos language. Then they hire them as translators. The Project Department offered high-paying jobs and prepared offices, computers and other office appliance for them. The Project Department also offeres special favorable conditions to some local people in the Laos who can drive and understand some simple words in Chinese, and then employes them as drivers to give full play to their technical skills. For the other local people who have no specialties, the Project Department does their best to help them solve the problems of employment, so as to increase their family income.


The Project Department provides accesses to employment for local people in the Laos along the railway line through these ways. An officialsfrom the government of Oudomxay Province says that, they hope to cultivate well-qualified railway construction teams for the local people through the construction of Boten-Vientiane Railway. And CREC is doing this right now.  

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