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Donating Teaching Facilities
Source:CRTG Date:2019年04月11日


During the implementation of the Qamchiq Tunnel of Anglian-Pap Electrified Railway in Uzbekistan, the project team visited a local primary school and found that students were still using desks and chairs dated back to 1978 of the Former Soviet era due to the undeveloped social economy of local villages. Knowing the situation, the project team voluntarily communicated with local government and schools after obtaining the approvals of the Chinese Embassy in Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan State Railway Company (the Client). The project team decided to contribute 200,000 RMB to three adjacent primary and middle schools for purchasement of students’ desks and chairs, and for improvement of teaching facilities such as basketball courts. In the morning of Sep. 8th 2015, the Client expressed its deep respect for the benevolence of CRTG in the auditorium of one of the schools contributed. The Client expressed its great thanks for CRTG’s outstanding performance in Uzbekistan’s railway construction, and for CRTG’s contributions to the development of local education. “I really appreciated Chinese enterprises like CRTG for their concern and contributions to our local educational undertakings.” said by Kuchigorava, the head of Papu Bureau of Education. Sha Dati, Xinhua News Agency reporter who showed up at the events, also said “The performance of CRTG has always outweighed that of other Chinese enterprises in Uzbekistan, and is highly recognized by senior officers of Uzbekistan government. Through this meaningful move, we have every reason to believe that CRTG would be better in the future”. He also expressed his willingness to propagate and advocate such positive activities.

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