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Planting the Greenery
Source:CR2 Date:2019年04月22日

Planting the greenery
Subgrade is the major component of AAD line. The muddy phenomenon will occur in both filling section and excavation section. Ethiopia’s heavy rainfall in rainy season can easily cause soil erosion, which will pollute environment and affect project quality. The project office upheld environmental protection concept in domestic construction. In subgrade construction, project office tried to complete greening after subgrade work was done. At first, local employees did not understand. Now the subgrade has been filled with green grass. In the process of subgrade construction, many borrow pits and disposal areas were reclaimed, planted and protected. DK18 and DK20 disposal areas were rocky beach in the past, project office laid black cotton soil on the surface. Now, these two disposal areas have been planted with injera. 

An Ethiopian speaking Sichuanese
Abdi, an Ethiopian native, has been working for CREC since the commencement of construction works in 2012. He is intelligent and fond of study. Firstly, he learned technologies from Chinese workers. He got good command of concrete, formwork and reinforcement bar skills in a short period. Since most project management staffs came from Sichuan province of China, Abdi could often hear Sichuanese. After a period, he learned to communicate with Sichuanese. Because of his talent, project office assigned him as a team leader. Through further communication, Abdi not only learned Chinese technology, Chinese language, but also learned the careful and responsible work attitude. He used to enjoy leisure and free lifestyle. But now he is willing to overwork in tough times. Previously, he is a “moonlight clan”. Now he has learned to save money. In the past years, he has saved tens of thousands of Birr. After completion of project, he plans to get marriage, purchase an engineering truck, become a contractor and live a better life.  

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