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Constructing Roads Benefiting Local Village
Source:CR2 Date:2019年04月22日

Black cotton soil and agricultural products are rich along the corridor of AAD line, but the traffic was inconvenient that there were no roads in many villages. Villagers can only travel on foot, agricultural products can only be hauled by donkey. Moreover, they can only walk in rainy season due to mud silt. According to villagers of Furi, people had to take turns to lift pregnant woman to hospital for more than 10 miles. Thereafter, project office considered transportation for adjacent villages when constructing construction access road. If allowed, the construction access road will be extended as far as possible and used for transportation of villagers. In some unreachable villages through access road, the project office built a new road for them. These roads built along the line have become road to rich for local residents. Villagers can now haul food and vegetables by motor vehicles to capital city for sale. Villagers became rich and the thatched houses were replaced by new iron sheet houses. They did not have to carry the sick or pregnant person to the hospital by hands and they could drive vehicle into village for marriage ceremony. 


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