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Creating Job Opportunities for Thousands of Ethiopian Residents
Source:CR2 Date:2019年04月22日

Thousands of Ethiopian workers were engaged in construction works at peak time, so that it realized perfect match of management staffs and construction workers. The project office actively implemented “Three Systems” to strengthen the management of Ethiopian staffs. The first one was work attendance checking system. The second one was “1 VS 5+” contact system, which meant that each Chinese employee should contact and help at least 5 Ethiopian employees. The third one was barrier-free communication system, which required that Ethiopian management personnel should be engaged and involved in the management of local workers.
For convenient and comfortable living of Ethiopian employees, project office built dormitories and dining room particularly for them, provided the local main food-injera and bedding sets for them. Outstanding Ethiopian employees were awarded with prizes every month. Besides, Ethiopian employees were allowed to get advance payment of monthly salary. Shuttle bus as provided by the project office carried Ethiopian employees from the worksite back to home everyday. 


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