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Mahusekwa District Hospital Benefits Local Community
Source: Date:2019年10月15日

China-aided Mahusekwa District Hospital Project Phase 2 in Zimbabwe was open to public on February 28, 2019, which not only betters the medical condition, but also creates jobs to the local community.

The hospital was built by China Railway No.6 Group, a subsidiary of CREC. During the construction, CREC staff has built a natural friendship with the local people, for example, our staff has provided food to local employees during festivals, brought drinking water to the villages during dry seasons, and sent toys and stationery to the local children.

Rice, flour, oil, beverage and other benefits were distributed to local employees during the festivals

The hospital has brought great convenience to the local people in terms of medical care since its open to public,. “China has done a great job!” said Duke, a young Zimbabwean who brought his mother to see the doctor. “We are all very grateful to the Chinese people for helping us building such a good hospital”, a local villager who came to see doctor said excitedly. The upgrading of Mahusekwa District Hospital has further improved the local medical conditions, and many patients said: "We will no longer have to wait in line to see a doctor in town, thank you, China!"

Local people at the hospital


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