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Villagers in Arusha, Tanzania
Source:China Railway Construction Engineering Group Date:2019年04月02日

Friends from the Chinese project have helped us dig wells, and we have never had to worry about drinking water anymore. Besides, several families in our village lived a hard life because of physical disability, and the wives and children had to do some part-time jobs. After knowing that, our Chinese friends have tried to hire those disabled people in the project as long as they are eligible. They have bought insurance for us and helped us out of the difficulties in life. We really appreciate these Chinese friends. 

Because children in the village have no schools to go, no books to read and no toys to play with, those Chinese young men often come to teach them on weekends if they are free. They tell them Chinese stories, teach them English, and also buy books and footballs for them. And our children want to study and play with them every day. Sometimes they wouldn't go home for a meal, and my son did that.


Villagers in Arusha, Tanzania 

The hospital will be completed in a month and the constructors of CRCEG will leave. "Watoto" in the village are reluctant to let their Chinese elder brothers go. They put on the new clothes given by these brothers, and make Chinese dumplings with them at the project site. They sing for them a traditional song JUMBO (meaning "hello" in Swahili) full of blessings and gratitude, expressing their welcome to these brothers and their good wishes for the future.

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