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Kamro, Driver of the Padma Bridge Project Department in Bangladesh
Source:China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Date:2019年03月20日

Kamro Islam is a dedicated driver at the Padma Bridge Construction Site of MBEC. In March 2016, MBEC  awarded him the May 1st Labor Medal for outstanding achievements.

Kamro at work

Camro said, "I'm very happy to work here. It's very good. My parents, wife and children are very happy for me to participate in the construction of the bridge. My family members let me do a good job here. I like MBEC."

Camro is very happy to work at MBEC


The advance of the Belt and Road Initiative has greatly promoted the common prosperity of the countries along the route. More local people like Kamro have enjoyed the benefits brought by development that strengthen the enthusiasm of the people to take part in the Belt and Road Initiative.

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