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Baim, Indonesian Driver of CREC: I am Proud of Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway
Source:CREC International Business Division Date:2019年04月25日

Baim is the first Indonesian driver in Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway (HSR) Project Team of CREC.

Baim said, “I am proud of working for Jakarta-Bandung HSR because it provides lots of jobs and reduces Indonesia’s unemployment rate. What’s more, travelling from Jakarta to Bandung is time consuming. It usually takes 2 to 6 hours. The HSR will reduce the time to 40 minutes.” 

“The Indonesian people hope it could be opened to traffic as soon as possible, so that it will be faster and more convenient to travel between the two cities. Meanwhile, the HSR will also boost the development of the cities along the line. For example, Valini will develop into a modern city with various office blocks, commercial & residential buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.”

As a driver, Baim often works with Chinese colleagues, so he has a comprehensive understanding of Chinese companies and their employees. He said, “Chinese employees here are well integrated into local culture. They speak and behave well and respect our religious beliefs and customs, which surprised me. Besides, I have never seen them quarreling with others. What surprised me even more was the way they work. They work so hard, from day to night. I was affected gradually. I tried to work as hard as them. ZHANG Wei, our Project Manager, and other Chinese colleagues are very kind to me. I feel very comfortable, so I want to stay and work with them.”

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