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The Pioneer Section of Yangjiang Port Bridge in Guangdong is Closed
Source: Date:2024年04月18日


On March 30, the Yangjiang Port Bridge, a control project from the Hailing Embankment to the Xitou Section of the Yangjiang Pioneer Section of the Guangdong Coastal Tourist Highway, was participated by China Railway Hi-Tech Industry. The total length of the bridge is 4770.2 meters, of which the main bridge is 510 meters long, using 255 meters + 255 meters single tower double cable plane cable-stayed bridge structure; the main tower is 158.7 meters high, is the first single tower double cable plane cable-stayed bridge in Yangjiang, as well as the highest and largest span bridge in the region. China Railway Hi-Tech Industry mainly manufactures and installs steel structures such as bridge towers, steel box girders, and accessories.

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