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China's First Shield Machine Exported to Africa Completes Tunneling for Algiers Metro Project
Source: Date:2024年04月26日

On April 3, local time, at the construction site of the extension line project of Metro Line 1 in Algiers, the capital of Algeria, accompanied by the rotation of the cutter head, the first shield machine "CREC 665" earth pressure balance shield machine manufactured by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group, a subsidiary of China Railway Hi-Tech Industry, and exported from China to the African continent broke through the tunnel, marking the completion of the project.

The extension line project of Algiers Metro Line 1 connects El Harrach Central Station to Houari Boumediene Airport Station. The tunnel is 9565 meters long and passes through shopping malls, railway lines, Algiers International Airport, and other ground risk sources. To adapt to the geological characteristics of the project and meet the requirements of customers, China Railway Engineering Equipment Group has developed the "CREC 665" earth pressure balance shield machine, with a cutter head diameter of 10.5 meters, a total length of 91 meters and a total weight of more than 1800 tons. The shield body system adopts the form of an active hinge and can turn horizontally with a curve radius of 180 meters, which meets the equipment's needs in the excavation process. During the tunneling period, the equipment achieved a maximum daily footage of 30 meters and a maximum monthly footage of 600 meters.

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