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Delivery of the Renovation Section of the Road Maintenance and Repair Project in Tacna, Peru
Source: Date:2024年05月01日

On April 3, local time, the reconstruction section of the Tacna Road Maintenance and Repair Project in Peru, which China Railway No.10 Engineering Group constructed, passed the supervision and acceptance, delivered to the owner, and entered the daily maintenance stage.

The project is a maintenance and reconstruction project for seven sections of existing roads totaling 269.67 km. The project is located in the Andes Mountains, with an average elevation of 4100 meters along the line. Dangerous rocks and rockfalls are distributed in many places, and landslides often occur in the rainy season. The construction section of the project is the only traffic artery between adjacent villages and towns, with a road width of 4 meters. During the construction period, it must be open. The site passes during construction, and there are many working faces in the reconstruction section, with cross operation, high construction safety risk, and complex management.

The road maintenance and restoration project in Tacna, Peru, is a crucial livelihood project. After the restoration and renovation are completed, they will effectively improve the local traffic and transportation conditions and provide convenient travel conditions for local residents.

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