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Chizhou-Huanghshang High-speed Railway Officially Opened
Source: Date:2024年05月06日

On April 26, the Chizhou-Huangshan high-speed railway, jointly constructed by China Railway No.10 Engineering Group and China Railway Electrification Engineering Group, was officially opened and operated.  


The Chihuang High-speed Railway passes through the mountainous areas of southern Anhui Province, with ravines, complex topography and landforms, and rugged construction. Among them, the longest Lingshangcun Tunnel is 11.75 kilometers long, the maximum depth of the tunnel is about 550 meters, and the lithology is complex and changeable.

It is reported that Chihuang High-speed Railway is connected with Nanjing-Anqing High-speed Railway at Chizhou Station, Hangzhou-Nanchang High-speed Railway at Yixian East Station, and the core scenic spots of two mountains and one lake (Jiuhua Mountain, Huangshan Mountain and Taiping Lake) in southern Anhui are connected in series, which is of great significance for improving the layout of regional railway network, speeding up the construction of international cultural tourism demonstration zones in southern Anhui, and promoting the coordinated development of economy and society along the line.

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