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Zangke River Grand Bridge Successfully Joined
Source: Date:2024年05月12日

On April 28, the cable crane accurately placed the last section of the bridge deck to the predetermined position, successfully closing the Jiangda Bridge, which was built by China Railway Hi-Tech Industry and China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group under CREC.



In Wumeng Mountain National Geopark, Jiangte Bridge is the control project of Naqing Expressway, a national critical project. It spans the river's scenic area, totaling 1849 meters. The highest distance from the bridge deck to the river surface is 380 meters, at the forefront of the world's high bridges. The main bridge is a double-tower, single-span steel truss girder suspension bridge with a main span of 1080 meters. The whole bridge is divided into 73 hoisting segments with a maximum hoisting weight of 231.3 tons and a total weight of about 19920 tons. China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group and China Railway Science & Industry Group under China Railway Hi-Tech Industry are responsible for the manufacturing and processing bridge steel girders. The Academy of Bridge Sciences of China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group undertakes the task of bridge construction monitoring.



It is reported that the Nayong-Qinglong Expressway is 161.57 kilometers long, starting from Zhaile Town, Nayong County, Guizhou Province, and ending at Jiangxipo Tea Factory, Pu'an County. It accepts the Qinglong to Xingyi section of the Xinglong Expressway and connects the main lines of the Hangzhou-Ruili, Xiamen-Chengdu, and Shanghai-Kunming national expressways in series. The project construction is significant in improving the national highway and regional road network in Guizhou Province and promoting regional resources, energy development, and regional economic development.

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