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Vice President of Sierra Leone attended the opening ceremony of the 30-million-ton primary magnetic separation plant project
Source: Date:2024年05月14日

On April 8, The First Engineering Bureau of CREC held the commencement ceremony of the 30 million tons primary magnetite concentrator project in New Tangkeli, Sierra Leone. Vice President of Sierra Leone Juldeh Jalloh, Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone Wang Qing, Minister of Mines of Sierra Leone Julius Mattai and other officials, as well as members of Parliament, local chiefs and representatives of owners, attended the ceremony and jointly cut the ribbon for the commencement of the project.

In his speech, Vice President Juldeh Jalloh praised the dedication and investment vision of Chinese enterprises and said that the project would be a milestone in Sierra Leone's economic development process.

The project constructed by The First Engineering Bureau of CREC ,total construction period is 16 months. It is located in the Tangkeli mining area of the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. The main contents of the project include the newly built coarse crushing station, coarse ore storage yard, medium and fine crushing workshop, screening workshop, fine ore bin, magnetic grinding workshop, waste rock storage yard, and supporting electrical and automatic lines and pipelines. The excavation is about 570,200 cubic meters, the filling is about 301,900 cubic meters, the concrete is about 15,000 cubic meters, and the building steel structure is about 6,000 tons. The project department was set up in February this year, and up to now, 18 Chinese managers and 140 Serbian operators have entered the site.

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