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Overview of Overseas Business
Source:CREC Date:2018年11月26日

Anthem of CREC—“Trailbreaker”

As early as the 1950s in 20th century, CREC began to set foot in overseas business. For more than 6 decades, CREC has built Tanzania-Zambia Railway, Angolan Railway, Ethiopian Capital Light Rail, Tanzania Jiganboni Bridge, Belarus Berezov Power Station and many other fine works by means of design, construction, Engineering-Procurement (EPC), BOT, PPP and overseas investment as well as other project operation models. Its business has covered more than 90 countries and regions including Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and Central and Eastern Europe, etc. Up to now, CREC has established 38 sub-branches and offices in Malaysia, Venezuela, Singapore, South Africa and Indonesia, having more than 60,000 employees around the world. In 2016, CREC achieved overseas business volume of USD 1.10045 billion.

CREC has developed into an integral part of global society and economy. With its high quality services and products, it has fully integrated into the cooperation with the world to work together for sustainable development. CREC will better grasp the pulse of the market, understand the local information so as to meet customer needs more quickly and efficiently.

CREC has provided services for more than 90 countries and regions in the world. It has built a large number of overseas projects including the Tazara Railway, Angola Railway, United Arab Emirates Palm Island, Singapore Light Rail Transit, Ethiopia Light Rail Transit, United States Tanana Bridge and Algeria Airport. The Company has participated in Antarctic expedition for 13 times, who finished the construction and maintenance tasks of Zhongshan Station, Great Wall Station and Kunlun Station. The Company will steadily promote the process of Russia High-Speed Railway, China-Laos Railway, China-Thailand Railway, Indonesia High-Speed Railway and other major projects of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

CREC takes the “Belt and Road” Initiative as an opportunity to vigorously explore overseas markets. The Company’s overseas projects cover lots of areas, such as railway, highway, bridge, tunnel, municipal engineering, mineral resources development, real estate development and industrial investment. The Company has overseas offices and projects in 84 countries and regions. Outstanding overseas projects include Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway Project in Indonesia, Moscow-Kazan High-speed Railway Project in Russia, China-Laos Railway Project, Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway Project in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Light Rail Project in Ethiopia, Kuala Lumpur SGX (MRT) Light Rail Project in Malaysia, Padma Bridge Project in Bangladesh, QAMCHIQ Tunnel Project of Anglian-Pap Electrified Railway in Uzbekistan, and A1 Road Project in Botswana. As one of the world's largest construction contractors, CREC has entered the world's top 500 companies for 11 successive years. In 2016, CREC was ranked 57th among Fortune Global 500 and 2nd among Top 250 Global Contractors in ENR magazine. CREC was also ranked 20th in international engineering contractors.


Project Name

Year of Completion

Contract Value (million USD)


Palm Island Project in the UAE



Started in 2002, the project is a dredging and reclamation project. It involves an island reclamation of 64 square kilometers with a reclamation capacity of 124 million cubic meters. CREC completed the entire project independently and it is the first large-scale project awarded by the UAE to Chinese companies.

Hong Kong MTR 602 Project



Started in 1999, the project is a railway of Hong Kong MTR Tseung Kwan O Line and CREC has built 40% of the project.

Highway Reconstruction Project in Ghana



Started in 2002, the project is one of the foreign aid highway projects in China and started construction in 2004. With a total length of about 17 kilometers, the entire project was independently constructed by CREC.

Paksey Bridge Project in Bangladesh



Started in 2000, the project was the first bridge construction project across the Padma River. With a total length of about 1,786 meters, the entire bridge was independently built by CREC.

 No.13 Highway Project in Laos



Started in 1992, the project was a reconstruction project for No. 13 Highway in Laos. With a total length of about 276 kilometers, the entire project was independently constructed by CREC.

CREC is the forerunner of Chinese companies entering the international market. Back in the 1970s, the Company has dispatched 50,000 persons/times to the African continent to build the world famous Tazara Railway. With a total length of 1,860 kilometers, the Railway is one of the largest projects aided by China. It has made significant contributions to the social and economic development of Tanzania and Zambia. The railway is called the "Way of Freedom" by the African people. It is an immortal monument of friendship between the people of China and Africa. During the construction, 65 employees of CREC sacrificed and 51 of them were buried in the Chinese specialist cemetery in Tanzania.

Entering the 21st century, CREC has been strengthening the overseas business, integrating into the international market and undertaking infrastructure construction projects. CREC has expanded business in more than 90 countries and regions globally.

On June 22nd, 2016, Chinese President XI Jinping and Mr. Karimov, then President of Uzbekistan, pressed the button together for the opening ceremony of the Qamchiq Tunnel on the Angren-Pap electrified railway line and witnessed this early achievement of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

On May 14th, 2017, President XI mentioned in the “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation that China, together with relevant countries, has accelerated the cooperation on building railway projects such as Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, Boten-Vientiane railway, Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway, Budapest-Belgrade railway, started construction of Gwadar port and Piraeus port etc., and planned to implement a series of interconnectivity projects.

CREC plays a major role in all the above-mentioned railway projects. Among them, Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway was opened to traffic on October 5, 2016. President XI Jinping's special envoy XU Shaoshi, Ethiopian then Prime Minister Haier Mariam, Djibouti President Guelleh, and high officials from other African countries attended the opening ceremony.

Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway is the first electrified railway on the African continent. It is also the first international railway project adopting Chinese technology, equipment and standard. It is called “the Tazara railway in the new era”. It will promote the social and economic development of Ethiopia and Djibouti, and carry forward the profound friendship between China and Africa.

In Indonesia, Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, the first high-speed railway project that Chinese companies have ever built abroad, is under construction by CREC.

In Laos, Boten-Vientiane Railway, the first Chinese-funded international railway project  is witnessing rapid progress. And Laos will not be a land-locked nation soon.

In Bangladesh, Padma Bridge, the “Bridge of Dreams”, has been erected with steel beams. The way that people ferry between the two sides of the capital city, Dhaka will be a thing of the past.

In Lebanon, a shield machine with the world's smallest diameter is excavating under the mountains for sending a steady stream of clean water to the people in Beirut.

In Antarctica, during the fifteenth expedition to the Antarctic, CREC constructors fight against the frost and blizzard, established the fifth scientific research station of China.
Currently, CREC operates in 83 countries and regions, with 493 projects under execution. In 2018, CREC was ranked 2nd among ENR 250 Global Contractors, and the revenue contribution from overseas market was RMB 41.68 billion. In the future, CREC will continue to take the mission of “Delivering fine Products, Improving People’s livelihood” and take part in the “Belt and Road” construction, to improve the global transportation conditions and promote the development of human society. CREC, Building for Excellence!





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