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Chinese New-type Isometric Tube OCS Masts Exported to Israel for First Time
Source: Date:2020年12月24日

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New-type isometric tube OCS masts independently developed by a Baoding-based subsidiary of China Railway Electrification Engineering Group Co., Ltd. were exported to Israel for the first time on December 3. 

New-type isometric tube OCS masts

The masts exported to Israel were made from C40 isometric tubes. The production process combined laser cutting, CNC bending, precise welding by robot and flat welding by hand. The products have been recognized by China Railway Test & Certification Center, and passed the European Union EN 1090 standards and CE recognition. The manufacturer solved technical problems like tube deformation and twists, and realized automated production of steel structures for OCS with high precision. It fully improved the products’ structure strength, mechanical performance and precision extent. A distinctive highlight of the masts is that they use a built-in weight structure. With a guide pulley inside, the structure features high efficiency in transmission, takes little space, and is erosion-proof. It also has the function of disconnection braking and is easy to use in construction, making the power supply system for the red metro line in Tel Aviv more stable and reliable.  

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