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International Talents Competition of CREC Launches Officially
Source:International Business Division Date:2018年09月21日

The International Talents Competition of China Railway Group Limited (CREC) was officially launched in Zhengzhou on Sept 18th, 2018. It is sponsored by CREC headquarters and the Northern area competition is organized by China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG).

With competition of diverse skills in different forms, the competition aims at finding talents in foreign economic cooperation field within CREC, displaying staged achievements made abroad, motivating attention and love among employees for overseas business, creating an atmosphere of “showing love and dedication to overseas business, winning respect for doing business abroad”, and promoting overseas business constantly.

With deep love for overseas business, dream and hope, nearly one hundred employees from different subsidiaries of CREC based in Northern China participated in the two-day competition.

In combination with working experience abroad, the Competition focuses on international engineering, business management and culture communication. The competition is comprised of three parts as the written exam, speech and live questions and answers.

Based on the score rankings, the top 13 competitors were awarded the First, Second, Third Prizes and made into the final. And China Railway Seventh Group, China Railway Construction Engineering Group, China Railway Ninth Group won the top 3 in group competition section. 

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