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π-type Steel-concrete Composite Beam with the Largest Span in China Successfully Erected
Source: Date:2021年08月06日

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The first 60-meter-span steel-concrete composite beam for the Nanshan Road Bridge along the expressway connecting Wuyuan with the border of Jiangxi and Anhui provinces was successfully erected on August 8. The construction was undertaken by the China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. under the China Railway Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd.

π-type Steel-concrete Composite Beam

The expressway section stretches 9.86 kilometers from where Tuochuan Township in Jiangxi meets Qimen County in Anhui. The Fengshan Water Bridge and Nanshan Road Bridge are two major projects along the line, which collectively involve the erection of 156 60-meter-span and six 30-meter-span steel-concrete composite beams. Of them, the 60-meter-span beams are π-type steel-concrete composite beams with the largest span in China. The heaviest measures 380 tons in weight.  

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