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World's First 600 km/h High-speed Maglev Train Rolls Off the Assembly Line, with Technical Support from CREC
Source: Date:2021年07月19日

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On July 20, China's self-developed high-speed maglev transport system with a designed top speed of 600 km per hour rolled off the production line in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province. The first of its kind in the world, the high-speed maglev transport system marks China’s new milestone in high-speed maglev technologies and related engineering capability.

World’s First 600 kmh High-speed Maglev Train

As one of the enterprises undertaking the project, CREC has developed the special traction transformer and the railway turnout for high-speed maglev at 600 km/h, which provided strong technological and manufacturing support for the high-speed maglev transport system.

World’s First 600 kmh High-speed Maglev Train2

In June 2020, China's first set of special traction transformers for 600 km/h high-speed maglev, independently developed by the Industrial Company under China Railway Electrification Engineering Group, came off the assembly line in Baoding Rail Transit Industrial Park before being delivered to Qingdao Sifang maglev train test line. This marked a breakthrough in the development of China's high-speed maglev traction power supply equipment, and the 600km/h high-speed maglev thus had its own special “heart”.

World’s First 600 kmh High-speed Maglev Train3

Previously, the world's first set of 600 km/h high-speed maglev turnouts manufactured by China Railway Baoji Bridge Group, a subsidiary of China Railway Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd., completed the on-site commissioning task. The turnout is a single-opening rightward flexible turnout measuring 80 meters long and three meters wide, with a switching distance of nearly four meters and a straight passing speed of 600 km/h. It is the highest speed maglev turnout in the world at present.

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