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Construction of Jakarta-Bandung HSR Overhead Contact System Starts
Source: Date:2021年06月25日

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On the morning of June 16, engineers of the China Railway Electrification Engineering Group successfully erected the first mast for the construction of overhead contact system (OCS) at Tegal Luar Station of Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway (HSR) in Bandung, Indonesia. It marks that the electrification construction of the Jakarta-Bandung HSR has officially began.

The Jakarta-Bandung HSR connects Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and Bandung, the fourth largest city of the country. The total length of the railway is 142.3 kilometers, and the design maximum speed is 350 kilometers per hour. It is China’s first high-speed rail project to “go global” in an all-round way from technological standards to survey and design, engineering construction, equipment manufacturing, operational management, and comprehensive development along the line.

The OCS, or overhead catenary cable system, developed and produced by China Railway Electrification Engineering Group, applies the consistent technological parameters, simplifies the consistent equipment structures, and streamlines the varieties of components and parts. Meanwhile, the system’s key components and parts have better performance and longer service time. The Chinese-standard OCS is safe, reliable and has complete independent intellectual property rights.

Construction of Jakarta-Bandung HSR Overhead Contact System Starts

Given local humid climate, engineers of the China Railway Electrification Engineering Group improved the performance of the OCS by incorporating anti-corrosion technologies to the OCS equipment. In addition, they adopted the construction strategy of “first piece as demonstration and model templet as direction” to unify the construction standards of the power supply system. Their efforts laid the foundation for the successful erection of the first OCS mast of the Jakarta-Bandung HSR.(By Wei Shuofeng, Wan Mingming, and Liu Yang)

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